How does it work?
The best way to cycle: using arms and legs!

  • The arms power the bicycle too without disturbing the steering.
  • Every cyclist can ride the Exycle from the beginning without special training and train the upper part of the body too and go faster.
  • That is possible because the hands move completely symmetrically.
  • Your muscles are always trained when you ride the Exycle. It is not necessary to train systematically: ride to work, go for a ride in the forest, ride to your friends' place…
  • An Exycle kitset will convert any bicycle into an exycle total body bicycle.
  • Of course it can be used as an ordinary bicycle, too.


The Exycle is a very original technical realisation of the idea of making cycling into a way of exercising the whole body. The prototype which we tested was safe, technically sound and fun to ride.

We consider the Exycle (with its various modes of employment) to be very suitable for health and fitness programmes. It could even be meaningfully adopted in serious sports training programmes, e.g. in preparatory or transitional phases of training programmes for sports involving strength.

Can the maximum weight load for the whole body be attained?

The Exycle as a training concept is similar to the use of a cross-trainer and also the practice of Nordic Walking. With all these new forms of sport a “whole body exercise” has been developed out of an already known form of exercise (such as walking or cycling).

This has been achieved in an original way with the Exycle. The definite advantage of the Exycle is the strengthening of additional muscle groups by the use of the arms whereby training becomes more effective through the expenditure of additional energy. A further advantage is the attraction of doing it in the open countryside.

The only condition of course, is that you know how to ride a bike.

General impression:


The power and the endurance of the whole body is trained, even more fat burn and circulation work-out with a full body effect.