Foto ispo brand new award
Exycle elected from international experts as Finalist
on ispo 2006 in Munich.
Foto Innovationprice
“Total body workout bike”
21. September 2005


Have you ever asked: "How can I put my arms to better use while cycling?
Why can't I train my upper body when riding my bike?"
Safety issues probably prevented trying to use an upper body exercise system when riding your bike, but…

With the full body bike Exycle You Can!

The dumbbell fly motion of the exycle with its cable drive system makes your bike a two-wheel drive, Total Body Workout Bike!

With Exycle You Can:

  • get a total body workout outside of a smelly gym in open air with beautiful scenery
  • go somewhere when you exercise
  • cycle as fast as a professional cyclist
  • return to cycling even after a knee injury
  • build your arm, shoulder and chest muscles

Your existing Bicycle can become a Total Body Workout Machine and you still can ride it as you would a normal rear-wheel drive bike. The exycle kit and a simple retrofit makes it all possible.


Why Exycle?
How does it work?
What do the experts state?
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