exycle hand drive for self Installation

495,00 €
15,00 €

Driving steering bar to clamp in the stem with four encapsulated linear ball bearings of the drive handles running on hardened and polished steel shaft and with four encapsulated industrial ball bearings running in aluminium profile (hard anodized). (Carbon design with steel band inlay possible against 95 EUR extra charge). Five deflection pulleys with encapsulated industrial ball bearings. Width of the steering bar 70cm (HighFlyer) or 57cm (SlimLiner).
Various Brake-Gearshift-Handles can be mounted on the drive handles. Delivery  with  cables and Brake-Gearshift-Handles on demand for extra charge

Driving Hub with four encapsulated industrial ball bearings and two encapsulated industrial freewheels

Examples of Complete Exycle

Exyle „Fit“

Exycle Hand drive mounted on
Basis bike:    2Danger-Move Comp
Frame:     Alu 6061 T4/T5 double butted
Fork:     Alu with Cr-Mo shaft
Gearshift:    Shimano Sora; RD-3300GS, 24 shift
Brakes:    Tektro 926AL, Mini V-Brakes
Shimano ST-R220 Trigger-brake-gearshift-    handles
Weight:    10.7 kg

Complete price: 1.190,00 €

Exycle Racer

Exycle Hand drive mounted on
Basis bike: San Remo
Frame:     Al 6061 T4/T5
Fork:       Al with Cr-Mo Shaft
Gearshift: Shimano Tiagra, 27shift
Brakes:     Shimano Race-Brake-Gearshift handles ST-4500
Weight:    10,2 Kg

Complete Price: 1.240,00 €

Exycle Hand Drive mounted on other basic bikes or different equiped, on request
Exycle Higflyer
Width of the steering bar 700mm
Exycle Slimliner
Width of the steering bar 570 mm

Technical requirements to upgrade your bicyle to an exycle:
  • No hub dynamo
  • No front disc brakes
  • Preferably no V-Brakes
A cord,  if it is in a position like shown in the picture,
should touch no parts of the bicycle if it is 38 mm
 right and left from the center area of the bike
The fork, front view

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